Conference on Sustainable Alternatives for Poverty Reduction and Ecological Justice


The recent Tropical Cyclone Keni reminds us that many people in the Pacific Islands and elsewhere are exposed to natural hazards and environmental change that have the potential to severely impact their lives, livelihoods and well-being.

In an era when climate change has become a major threat to the survival of people not only here in the Pacific Island region but globally, reflection and discussion of what to do to prevent these threats from worsening are urgent. The task becomes even bigger when one realizes that even without the threats environmental and climate change many people already face great challenges to live a life with dignity.

The Conference will seek to engage multi-disciplinary and ecumenical dialogues on key social, economic and ecological concerns from a variety of perspectives. Among others, the goal of the Conference is to build a permanent partnership and long life learning process to promote economic, social and ecological justice.

We are interested in multi-disciplinary exchanges and insights with a focus on religious-based and scientific approaches to sustainability problems and injustice. We expect that the Conference will be a blend of learning and discussion.

Date: 26 – 29 June 2018

Location: Marine Campus, The University of the South Pacific

Contact Person: Dr. Eberhard Weber



For this Conference, we accept abstracts from junior and senior researchers from the Pacific Island region, who wish to reflect on their research from an ethical perspective. Participants are invited to submit proposals for consideration on the following fields (and beyond):

  • Ecological Crisis, Climate Change, and Eco-justice
  • Economical Ethics and Eco-Theology
  • Sustainability, Religion and Ethics
  • Responsible Production, Distribution and Consumption Patterns
  • Ethics, Food and Biodiversity
  • Poverty, Climate Change, and Eco-justice
  • Urban Poverty, Health and Eco-justice

Please send abstracts (max. 200 words) to Dr. Eberhard Weber.

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